When Do Babies Sleep Through The Night?

Newborn babies need a lot of sleep. Sleep plays the important role in making sure the good stable mental and physical development. A newborn baby can sleep up to 18 hours a day in his first few weeks. However, it is impossible to expect a baby to sleep more than three hours at one time because the baby needs feeding frequently. You will be likely to experience sleepless at night. When a baby is between six and eight weeks old, he will sleep shorter at day and longer at night.

Sleep is important for babies because it helps baby to learn more about his environment. When a baby sleeps, he will process and review what he has learn during the wake time. Rest and sleep will restore the energy of both babies and their parents. During the sleep, the brain of the baby will release growth hormone that is crucial for early mental and physical development.

It is important to develop good sleep patterns and schedule for your babies. Newborn babies are not able to talk. You need to understand the protest as well as communication of your babies. When do babies sleep through the night? This article bellow will help you to answer this question.

Know The Signs That Your Baby Is Tired

When do babies sleep through the night? The first step you need to do to know the signs that your baby is tried. All babies do not show that they are overtired. When you push him to a crib, he will resist the bedtime by crying a lot. It does not mean he is energetic. In fact, if your babies cry without a good reason (hungry, cold, or something else), it means that he is overtired. At that time, your baby will not nod off easily.

If your baby is at or less than three months old, the signs indicating that he is sleepy include.

  • Rubbing eyes
  • Fussing
  • ​Flicking ears with hands
  • ​Crying a lot
  • ​Looking away from your or staring blankly
  • Yawning
  • Losing interests even in his favorite toys

The sleepy signs may differ from babies to babies. But they are the common obvious signs that help you understand your baby’s communication. If you see these signs, it will be time for you to put your babies down in his crib or Moses basket.

Show Him The Difference Between Day And Night

Although your babies are small, they will begin to learn about a lot of things around them. It is important for you to guide them into a good habit of sleeping by showing the difference between day and night. When do babies sleep through the night? Of course, your babies are not able to know unless you guide them. Here are some good ways that help you.

In the day time, when he wakes up and becomes alert:

  • Change your baby’s clothes to let him know it is a new day
  • Talk, play, kiss, and hug, and so on. Everything you can do to interact with him
  • ​Feed him while chatting or singing. It will make his daytime feed more special
  • ​Turn on the light in your house. Your babies need to learn the difference between light and dark
  • Let him hear noises of the radio, television and even a washing machine

In the night time, when you are about to put him in his comfortable crib:

  • Let him wear his pajamas to show him it is the night and it is the end of the day
  • Feed him without talking or chatting
  • Keep noises and night low as possible as you can

By doing these things, you will let him know it is the night and it is time for sleeping.

Let Your Baby Fall Asleep On His Own

I see many parents make a common mistake. They push their sleep to his crib forcefully and try to make him sleep although he is crying a lot. I think it is not necessary. When do babies sleep through the night? If your babies are over three months old, he knows on his own. He will be able to fall asleep. Of course, some babies will not. Your duty is encouraging him to sleep. When you see the signs that he is sleepy, you just need to put him down to his crib and stay quiet. You can stay with him until he falls into a deep sleep.

It is important for you to let your baby fall asleep on his own. The reason is that he will learn what time to sleep and how he should sleep through the night. Later, he will build the good habit of sleeping eight hours a night. Of course, when he grows up, he will appreciate you for that.

Do Not Feed To Make Him Sleep

Your babies will eat a little and he will fall asleep and nod off. You need to wake him up gently. I see many parents try the same method. They feed their baby the breast milk to make him sleep. It is a common mistake. Your baby will be likely to develop the bad habit later.

Feeding and sleeping at the same time affect his digestive system. Moreover, overfeeding also makes your baby uncomfortable. If you want to make your baby sleep longer, please stopping this wrong method.

Create A Comfortable Safe Place For Your Baby

Last but not least, when do babies sleep through the night? He only sleeps in a comfortable and safe crib. Creating a comfortable safe place for your baby will make him fall asleep easily and sleep longer and deeper at night. Do not let him sleep with you in a family bed. This is because it is dangerous. The crib your baby sleep needs to be comfortable and safe. A good crib will support the baby sleeping position and decrease the risk of suffocation and entanglement for babies.

Co-sleeping is recommended for parents and their babies. This is because it does not only create a comfortable place for babies to sleep but also make them feel safe. In order to co-sleep with your baby, you just need to place a co-sleeper next to your bed. Moreover, make sure that the blanket in the crib is clean and neat because even a small fold will disturb your baby’s sleep.

As you can see, a comfortable safe crib is important for baby’s sleep. Fortunately, there are a variety of cribs with special designs and wonderful functions in the market. Now, the parents can make a great choice for their babies. It is wonderful, is not it?

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