Best Baby Swing Reviews: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 2016

Have you been struggling to get a moment of peace because of your crying baby? Well, having babies is not a wonderful thing after all, as there are a number of responsibilities attached to that great feeling of being a parent. To be successful as a parent, you need to invest your money in a baby swing. There are a plenty of reasons to buy a baby swing, the most important being the soothing that they experience. It is much better than being in the parent’s arms. Having a baby swing gives you time to pursue other jobs and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your baby, as they are going to remain safe in a baby swing. Now, the question arises here is, how you can get the best baby swing? Many companies claim their baby swings to be the best, but it is not in their hands to decide. We have done an in-depth research on the top baby swings and we have come up with five baby swings that have an epitome of features and great usability. You can take a look at these baby swings and decide, which one suits you and your baby in the best way.

    5 Best Baby Swing Reviews

1. Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

To ensure 100% comfort for your baby, you can buy Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing. It has got two reclining positions, which are more than enough to provide comfort to your baby no matter what position he/she takes.


1. The baby swing comes with six different speeds, which can be controlled easily

2. There are a total of 16 songs (8 fun songs and 8 soothing songs) given in the baby swing that will keep your baby in a good mood throughout the day

3. The machine is quite smart when it comes to saving the power. The lights and music automatically turned off after seven minutes when the machine is operated on the batteries

Benefits when using

1. Soft and comfortable for the babies

2. It is an ideal machine when babies want to rest without being cranky

3. It comes with great safety measures


  • The padding given in the baby swing keeps the baby’s spine intact
  • The headrest and the canopy can be easily detached and washed
  • Assembling this baby swing is pretty easy and anybody can do it


  • The motor makes a little noise

2. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'N Swing with Smart Swing Technology

No doubt this model has dominated the “#1 Best Seller” in “Baby Swings Category” of Amazon for a long time! Don’t ask why, just check our short review for it below.

When it comes to the feature-packed baby swing, there is no comparison with the Fisher-Price Snugabunny Baby Swing that is equipped with a world-class smart swing technology. It has got the facility where allows you to rock it in two different motions, head to toe or sidewise. You just have to see the motion your baby is most comfortable with and continue rocking the baby swing in that way. An assortment of features have been encapsulated in the machine to give a fulfilled and comfortable experience to the babies.


1. The company’s patented Smart Swing Technology allows faster and deeper sleep. Just a couple of minutes on this cradle cum swing and your baby will enter into the dreamland

2. The bunny theme blended with bright green color adds to the aesthetic appeal

3. The machine works on AC power as well as on batteries

4. There is hardly any noise of the motor

Benefits when using

1. This swing ensures sound sleep because of the variety of swings that babies get

2. There is no need to worry about your babies, as the company has taken care of all the safety measures


  • #1 Best Baby Swing in “Baby Swings Category” of Amazon
  • This is a portable cradle ‘N swing, which can be taken anywhere. Just pack it and place it in the car
  • The structure of this unit ensures proper balance even during the bumpy rides


  • None

3. Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing

Do you want to purchase a portable baby swing to soothe the baby? Then, this comfortable and roomy machine can be the best option to buy for newborn baby!


1. A well-designed baby swing with durable frame can save up to 40% space of your home. So, this is the best choice for a small apartment. No headache to storage the baby swing, because it’s compact size

2. Save up to 130% of your cost, by using plug-in option. It also includes battery powered operation to run the swing. As a result, taking to the picnic and soothing the baby outdoor is also possible!

3. This glider can accommodate babies that are about 6 months old. There are many baby swings that can’t hold babies who are above 3 months of age

Benefits when using

1. This baby swing is great for slim and weak parents who can’t hold their babies for too long

2. Babies who face trouble sleeping can easily sleep within minutes in this baby swing

3. Babies get a soft and cuddly space to sleep, which is the main priority for all the parents


  • The company hasn’t used any allergic materials while making this baby swing
  • It doesn’t make use of batteries, therefore it is an eco-friendly product
  • The motion of the baby swing doesn’t make babies dizzy


  • There are just two speed options

4. Fisher-Price My Little Lamb Cradle 'n Swing

This is a wonderful baby swing that doesn’t just look beautiful, but gives a soft and cozy platform to the babies, where they can sleep and spend time all day long. Parents are going to like the fabrication of the baby swing, which is foldable, musical tunes, multiple seating position and a volume control. 


1. Parents can choose from six different speeds and a couple of motions for their babies

2. The material used in the baby swing is made of soft fabric, thus providing a comfortable experience to the babies

3. The tray of this baby swing can be removed in order to give a smooth and easy access to the babies

4. The variety of music that this baby swing has will improve the skills of the babies

Benefits when using

1. The baby swing comes with a foldable design that makes it easy for parents to store

2. The material used in the baby swing is the combination of plastic and metal, thus making it a formidable product


  • It can be run on both, AC power and batteries, thus allow parents to use them outside as well
  • Six different speeds give a variety to the parents and babies to enjoy the baby swing
  • The baby swing comes with two different motions, one goes side to side and another goes head to toe


  • A little noisy

5. Graco Simple Sway Swing

There is every reason to like this sway swing. Graco Simple Sway Swing has got a plenty of features and a dexterous design that is good enough to attract anybody. The product works on both, AC power and battery, so parents can use this baby swing at home and can take it out as well. 


1. This is a compact swing that won’t take too much space in the house.

2. The strong frame of the baby swing gives a feeling of relief to the parents.

3. This baby swing comes with a great removable head support and a fluffy seat, which ensure more comfort for the babies.

Benefits when using

1. Babies who give trouble to their parents while going to sleep can now easily sleep by listening to ten songs and five soothing sounds.

2. Parents can choose from six speeds to relax their babies and get rid of any bad mood.

3. The baby swing comes with a five-point harness that will keep the baby safe and secure.


  • Save money on batteries by plugging the swing into the AC mains
  • Ensures complete entertainment for the babies, as it has multiple songs and sounds
  • The compact design of the swing allows people to put this swing anywhere


  • The product doesn’t come in assembled form, so users will have to do it themselves

Benefits of customers when they use baby swings?

1. Baby swings are soothing

In order to calm a fussy baby, parents tries a number of things. You yourself must have tried lots of things, but had they worked? I guess not, so what you can do is, you can choose a baby swing out of the five that we’ve discussed above and buy it for your baby. You will definitely feel the difference in the moods of your baby.

2. Baby swings ensure quicker and deeper sleep

The biggest worry for parents is when their babies don’t sleep. Despite all the efforts and songs, they keep on crying in their ears and giving them the worst headaches ever. But, with baby swings, babies can sleep within minutes. Parents just have to rock the swing for a few minutes, until their babies shut off their eyes.

3. Baby swings help break the shackles

Parents have a plenty of things to do apart from handling babies. By having a baby swing in the house will let them do all the tasks, while their babies relax and enjoy the time siting/lying on the baby swing.

4. Baby swings offer a comprehensive entertainment

To keep babies in a good mood, it is very important for parents to surround them with great toys and materials, which are attractive and entertaining. Or, a baby swing is good enough to do the job. The rocking motion and a plenty of songs will keep babies entertained throughout the day.

Still, confused to purchase the baby swing or not? Then, let’s discuss the baby swing benefits for father, mother and the baby!

To Father

  • Easy to maintain a baby when mother is not at home
  • No need to keep the baby in arms to soothe
  • Comfortable to ensure safety of the baby

To Mother

  • Best way to soothe the baby for housewives
  • Easy to play with the baby
  • No need to give extra attention to the baby
  • Baby will spend a good time in the baby swing without any engagement

To Baby

  • A good device to enjoy a good nap
  • The seat is very comfortable and neck support is perfect for newborn baby care
  • Music and natural sound amuse the baby
  • Mobile-set gives the opportunity to play alone. Moving toys get the attention of the baby very easily

How to pick the best baby swing?

Step 1


You have to check whether the legs of the baby swing are properly levelled. You will not like to put your baby on a swing that shakes weirdly without setting up any motion. Check the quality of the leg tubes, if they are apt in providing a decent operation. Moreover, you should keep the baby swing on a sturdy base, so that it doesn’t slip when you turn it on.

Step 2

Operational power

You can choose from battery operated baby swings or AC power operated baby swings. There are some swings available that works on both types of power. But, make sure if the company is giving batteries along with the product or not. Batteries are expensive and it can increase your budget as well.

Step 3

Seat Type

In order to ensure the comfort of your baby, you have to determine the seat type. There are a host of seat types available, so choose the one that offer a firm support for the baby. Especially his/her back because he/she will lay down for most of the time. Some baby swings come with a separate cradle also, so you can buy that version if you want. Don’t forget to check if the seats are made in accordance with the NHTSA Standards, as these standards ensure quality and reliability of the seats.

Step 4


There is no way you are going to buy a baby swing without checking the safety aspects that are given in the baby swing. It should have a multiple point harness, a seat belt and a removable tray. Despite all the safety aspects, you should not leave your baby unattended for too long!

Step 5

Multiple speeds and positions

A baby swing needs to have multiple speeds and seat recline positions, so that if the baby has got bored with one speed and/or position, then you can change it before he/she starts crying.

That's pretty much it! Follow the steps wisely to your case, then you will surely get the top baby swing for your baby. Otherwise, wrongly selected baby swing will waste your money, nothing else!

Tips for using baby swings

There are many new parents who do not have any ideas about using the baby swing. Remember that, any wrong action could do harm to the baby. For that reason, this is important to read the following tips on how to use a baby swing in the right way:

Firstly, always keep in mind to use the swing to relax your baby. Many paediatricians say that babies stop crying when they are soothed in the right way. Putting them on a swing is one such way

Secondly, keep the swing to its minimum speed when baby goes to sleep. Moreover, as soon as he/she sleeps, take him/her out of the baby swing and put it on the crib

Thirdly, beware of adding any overstimulating material because such things will scare your baby instead of entertaining them. I’m referring to the light projectors and other over-innovative entertainment things

Fourthly, don’t over swing your baby, as it will restrict his/her natural movements. Also, check the position of the seats if they are intact or slid away from their actual positions

At last, you need to perform all the safety checks before putting your baby in the swing. The product should be passed by the AAP Safety Regulations and doesn’t go beyond certain angles, where babies could fall off the swing.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

Question-1: Is it safe to leave my baby on the swing for too long?

Answer: No, you should not leave your baby unattended for too long!

Question-2: Is it OK for babies to sleep in the baby swing?

Answer: If they take short naps, then it’s fine, but, if they sleep for too long, then shift them to the crib.

Question-3: How much weight the baby swing can handle?

Answer: The baby swing capability depends on the model. Generally, most of the baby swings can handle around 25 lbs (11,3 kg).

Final Verdict

Babies feel a lot better when they are in the warmth and comfort of their parents’ arms, but the same feeling can be given by letting them sit on a comforting and cozy baby swing. We have discussed some of the most popular baby swings, but for real, it is still very difficult to truly determine the best baby swing. Basically, it depends upon your requirements and budget, which baby swing would you like to buy. Now, parents can do other important tasks without getting tired or jaded. All they need to do is, buy the best baby swing from a reputed store!

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