First Trimester: What Pregnant Women Can Expect?

The feeling of being a mother can’t be expressed in words. One has to experience it in order to determine how it feels to be a mom. A new life inside the belly is a feeling that can cause a great excitement and scare at the same time. In this article, we are going to discuss what actually happens in the first three months after a woman conceive a baby. The first three months are important because a wide number of changes start to take place in the body of a woman. It is imperative for a woman to accept these changes, otherwise things can get very nasty by the time the delivery date gets near.


Nausea: This is perhaps the first thing that you can feel. Nausea is nothing but morning sickness that is often experienced by expected mothers. Not every woman experiences it, but the majority ones have suffered from nausea during pregnancy. To avoid this problem, eat food after every 2-3 hours. Also, keep the surroundings neat and clean, as women during pregnancy inherits great sense of smelling even the bleak odors.

Frequent Urination: Your uterus is going to become enlarged, which will further put pressure on the bladder. You have to make sure that you drink loads of liquids on a routine basis to meet the body requirements. You will also experience leakages, even when you laugh, sneeze or cough. You have to take care of your reproductive organs because they will undergo miraculous changes.

Tender Breasts: A vast majority of pregnant women experience heavier, sore and stimulated breasts. There are certain modifications that have to be made in the undergarment section as well, such as wearing a sports bra or a bra that supports your breasts in a proper way.

Heartburn or constipation: If you were good at digesting food, then you are going to feel a dramatic change in the digestion part because it will get slower. There is nothing bad about it as slow digestion means that the nutrients are going to remain in your body for a longer time. The only problem with slow digestion is that it may cause constipation or heartburn. If you like spicy food and eat it on an everyday basis, then you have to change this habit. You have to eat healthy and nutritious food, which is light on your stomach. Eat lots of salads and other fibre enriched food ensure proper digestion.

Fatigue: With the changes in your hormones, you are going to experience weakness and fatigue. So, you have to make sure that your food has a good amount of protein content along with carbohydrates and calcium. Other nutrients are important as well, so just keep in mind to eat a well-balanced diet. Regular exercise is must, but only perform those exercises, which are made for pregnant women. You will not want to indulge in any physical activity that puts pressure on the baby that is inside your belly and your reproductive organs.

Emotions: The fact that there is a living being inside the body is a weird feeling and can trigger various other emotions. At one moment, you will feel happy and excited about it, and the very next moment, you will be depressed and afraid of the same fact. These ups and downs in the emotions will be quite normal during the pregnancy. You can consult a counsellor, and explain how you feel on a daily basis. He/she can motivate you to pursue this journey in a better way.

It is extremely important for you to take a good care of yourself, otherwise it will also affect the growth of the baby, which is the last thing you will want to see. There are various books and online sources that you can check out in order to get more information about handling the pregnancy period in the best way. Your family has to be supportive, no matter how you behave with them. You must explain to your partner how you feel and what you expect from him. Talking to him will help you get relaxed and relieved. Finally, I would like to wish you ‘best of luck’ on getting pregnant because you are about to bring a great source of joy in your family.



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