Five Reasons Why Your Baby Wakes At Night And Won’t Sleep

Babies waking up in the middle of the night are one of the biggest issues that are faced by parents. This is one issue that takes a lot of time to get sorted. Babies can’t get rid of this habit, so the entire responsibility comes on the shoulders. Parents have to understand why their babies are not being able to sleep properly and how to overcome this issue. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss five reasons why babies wake up at night and ruin the sleep of everybody in the house.


  1. Your baby requires a specific item: Babies can’t sleep until they get a particular item in order to be able to sleep. You must have seen babies tightly holding their soft toys or blankets when to go to sleep. So, that is what your baby requires in order to sleep properly. It is not just the props that babies require to sleep, but it could be anything like a pacifier or food. Some babies won’t sleep until they are breastfed. Every baby has his/her own specific way of sleeping, so you have to find what your baby is addicted to when it comes to sleeping. You should teach your baby on, how to sleep on your own, but it will take time, and there are two important factors that you have to take into the considerations. These are; the age of your baby and the item he/she associates at the time of sleep. Teaching kids could be a strenuous task, so keep a check on the temperament of your baby while making a sleep training plan.
  2. You need to set new milestones: Any new thing tried by your baby is a milestone, whether it is the baby’s ability to crawl, walk, talk or more. But, the sleep issues can cause problems in the development of new skills, so you have to pay attention towards this thing. Babies learn a new thing every day; sometimes, you will be able to determine what they have learned, sometimes not. The sleep training may clash with the developmental milestone, but you still have to continue with the sleep training because you want to ensure that your child sleeps in an uninterrupted way. It will also ensure that the entire family sleeps soundly at night.
  3. It may be the teething phase: Do you know that teething problems can occur in babies? If not, then you should check whether it is the teething issue that has been disrupting your child. Babies have a teething phase even before their teeth pops out. You have to remain consistent with that sleeping process and ensure that your baby sleeps after waking up in the middle of the night. You can create a sleep plan for your baby in those phases.
  4. It could be the hunger: If you have been told by someone that you should not feed your baby at night, then that’s totally wrong. If your baby sleep without eating anything, then it is going to create a gap of about 12-14 hours between the two meals, which is way too more. So, you have to ensure that you feed your baby before putting him/her on the bed. Otherwise, he/she is going to wake up in the night and then, you will have to make something for him/her.
  5. Don’t expect a perfect response from babies: If you have made a proper schedule for your baby, yet there are occasions where your baby sleeps in the middle of the night, then there is no need to be so shocked about it because your baby is also a human being who can be unpredictable at times. Babies can also have good and bad days like you and every other member in the family. So, you have to keep following the schedule until your baby starts sleeping on his/her own and without disturbing anyone in between the night.

As the time goes by, your baby is going to learn the right way to sleep, so you just have to wait till that day and in the meantime, ensure that the baby follows your sleep training plan.

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