How To Breastfeed A Baby Who Won’t Drink From A Bottle?

There are many mothers in the world who are worried about an issue that their babies don’t drink from the bottle. Their babies have been breastfed for quite a long time, but when it’s time to change this habit, then they don’t just do that. It is not a small issue because after a certain age, kids should start drinking milk and other liquids from the bottle. Breastfeeding is an extremely important phase where babies get all the vital nutrients to improve their healthy and immune system, but it is also essential to get rid of this habit when the appropriate time comes. So, what are the reasons that babies can’t leave the habit of being breastfed? What are the reasons behind the refusal of babies to drink from bottles?

Well, there are two major reasons why babies don’t prefer to drink from bottles, which are;

  1. Reverse nipple confusion: As babies don’t have a fully developed brain, so it becomes hard for them to acclimatize to the artificial nipple. They can’t understand how to suck liquid from the nipple.
  2. Reluctant to suck liquid from the nipple: Some babies know how to suck on a nipple, but they won’t do so because they know that sucking from the bottle means that mothers are not around. All babies need their mothers, but some are over possessive about having their mothers around all the time.

The first condition can be reduced or permanently eradicated if babies are provided with bottles in the early stage. Despite the fact that, babies will do all sorts of things to avoid drinking anything from the bottle, but even then, parents have to serve the liquid food through the bottles. The main motive of all the process is to make babies aware about the right way of ingesting food. Parents can mix breastfeeding and feeding from the bottle, so that they don’t feel as if they are being punished. Parents need to let their kids understand about the right way of taking liquid food. There is a specific time in which parents have to teach their babies how to suck on various other things than just breasts, so parents must know about that time. If they miss that particular window, then it will be a lot more difficult for them. Parents can try giving their babies a pacifier, as it will give babies a good practice to suck on something that are not breasts.

It hardly matters who offers the bottle


When a baby who is just a couple of months old is fed from the bottle, he/she is not smart enough to make out who has put the bottle in his/her mouth. The older a baby gets, the more strenous it gets for parents to make him/her acclimatize with the bottle. Therefore, it is better to start early in order to avoid any hassle.

Once parents are sure that their babies can drink milk, juice and other liquid from the bottle, then they can’t just stop practicing feeding their babies from the bottle. The process has to go on and on until babies are comfortable with sucking on the nipples.

Continue with the habit on a consistent basis


To be able to see that the baby has started consuming food from the bottle feels great, but in order to make sure that this habit remains in the head of the baby, parents should continue giving the bottle. It is hard to leave a habit and grab a new one, but if it is done in the early stage of life, then it can be done quite easily. So, parents have to put their best efforts to make sure that their babies consume the food from the bottle.

Check for the leaky bottles


Some babies don’t like drinking from the bottles because of the leakage. Parents are unable to find the reason and then, they take unnecessary steps to make their kids drink from the bottles. Parents need to check if the bottles have the leakage issue or not. The combination of all these aspects will help change the habit in babies, so keep trying and hope for the best. It is not an option for babies to choose to ingest food from the bottle, but it is how babies proceed to the normal dining.

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