How To Get Baby To Sleep Comfortable And Longer At Night

If you are real parents who always want the best thing for your child, you may know the importance of sleep to your baby. In fact, sleep plays the important role in supporting the physical and mental development in babies and they need much more sleep than adults.

However, it is difficult for us to tell a baby is tired and has insufficient sleep. This is because the drowsy baby does not act the same way as we do. They still resist the bedtime and become hyper in the evening. They cry and cry without a specific reason. If your babies act like that, it means they are overtired.

Most parents want to answer the question on how to get baby to sleep comfortable and longer at night. We know that the sleeping environment is important to help the babies fall asleep easily. Some people let their babies sleep in the family bed while others choose a crib for their babies. Which one is the good choice? How to get baby to sleep comfortable and longer at night? This article will help you to answer these questions.

Early Bedtime

It is a first tip on how to get baby to sleep comfortable and longer at night. The habit of sleeping early will make your babies feel asleep at the specific time. You should push your babies to sleep between around 7 to 8.30 pm. Your babies will become hyper and overtired after 9 pm. If you let your babies sleep late at night, they will fight the bedtime.

Make Sure Your Babies Are In Good Condition Before Bedtime

When you are about to push your baby to sleep, you should make sure that he or she was fed well, and worn the cozy clothes. Moreover, the temperature of the room should be proper. If it is too hot or too cold, it will affect the baby’s health. Some babies will feel annoyed and upset even with a small wrinkle in the sheet. Therefore, you should make sure that the sheet is right and neat.

Avoid Eye Contact

If you want your babies calm and fall asleep, you should avoid your eye contact with your babies. This is because it will stimulate his or her excitement. Animated or prolonged eye contact will you may make it difficult to push a baby to sleep. Even when your baby awakes at night and cries, you should avert your eyes in order to calm her and make her fall asleep again.

Crib Safety

Of course, many parents want to keep their baby close to know that they are there to feed their baby or meet his needs. However, it can not create a comfortable place for the babies. The sleeping positions of parents can affect their sleep. Sometimes it is baby’s parents who make them awake at night. The crib is designed to create a safe comfortable place for the baby to sleep. Many moms like decorating the baby crib with beautiful bumper pad, a soft pillow and even some stuff animals.

However, it poses a potential significant suffocation or a risk of death hazard to the baby. A comfortable safe environment for baby to sleep includes a crib, a tightly fitted sheet and a mattress. You should not let your baby sleep in the family bed or put pillows and soft objects in the baby cribs that can result in entanglement or suffocation. Crib safety is an essential tip on how to get baby to sleep comfortable and longer at night. A crib with special design will reduce the risk of suffocation and entanglement for babies.


Some parents are against co-sleeping because they want their child to grow independently and gain the confidence. So they gave them a separate room when they were small babies. However, many studies showed that the babies who did not sleep near their parent will be vulnerable to anxiety attack and stress experience when they grow up.

On the contrary, babies and children who can co-sleep with their parents can grow up with established higher self-esteem and less anxiety experience. In order to co-sleep safely, you just need to place a bassinet or co-sleeper next to your bed. When your babies awake at midnight, you can be there to meet your baby’s need and make him or her fall asleep again. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is not recommended sharing a family bed with your babies.


Quietness and the scent of lavender oil will make your baby fall asleep easily. It is also another tip on how to get baby to sleep comfortable and longer at night. You just need to put one or two drops of lavender oil or any essential oil that your babies like on the tissue near their crib or co-sleeper. These oils contain anti-anxiety and relaxation benefits that make the sleep deeper and longer.

However, before you choose lavender oil or any essential oil, it is important to know that the babies less than 6 months old need to avoid these fragrances. This is because these babies have sensitive skin and noses. If your babies are too young, you should choose an unscented laundry detergent rather than the fragranced tissue. Make sure that you wash the crib bedding regularly to reduce the discomfort that may make your babies upset.

Hands-On Tip

Not many parents know the hand-on tip on how to get baby to sleep at night. When you are about to transfer your baby to her or his crib for bedtime, it is a great idea to put your arm on your baby’s arm, stomach and head. This tip will comfort your baby and give your baby the feeling of good security.

These are 7 tips on how to get baby to sleep comfortable and longer at night. However, we all agree that the best crib will make babies sleep better and comfortable. It will protect the baby’s weak bones by supporting them a good sleeping position. There are a variety of beautiful and convenient cribs for babies in the market. Parents can be provided a wide selection of cribs with various colors and appealing designs for their toddlers and babies. Whatever you choose, make sure that you make a smart decision for your babies.

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