Jaundice In Babies: How Common Is It And How Can It Be Treated?

Babies are born with the jaundice and there is nothing new about it, as it is happening this way for a long-long time. There is no need for parents to be bothered about it, but proper care should be taken, so that problem doesn’t get worse. I have seen cases where jaundice in babies gets severe and finally takes their lives. So, parents and doctors can’t be casual about the issue. But, let’s take a look at the reasons that cause jaundice and if there is anything that can be done to alleviate it.

What triggers jaundice in the new born babies?

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The presence of a pigment called the bilirubin in the babies’ blood that causes jaundice. When the quantity of bilirubin gets increased from the desired value, then the skin of the babies becomes yellow. Not just the skin, but the eyes too. So, what is bilirubin and how does it cause jaundice? In simple terms, bilirubin is a certain pigment that is formed when the red cells break down in the baby’s blood. When it happens, the bilirubin is eradicated from the baby’s body via the liver. It doesn’t take much time with the babies to excrete this pigment, but the speed varies according to the metabolism of the baby. The bilirubin is usually excreted when babies pass stools. This was all about the jaundice and the reason that causes it. But, how many types of jaundice have been determined up till now?

Well, there are various types of jaundice that parents have to protect their babies from. These are;

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Physiological Jaundice: When we say that the baby is suffering from jaundice, then we are talking about ‘physiological jaundice’. This is the most common forms of jaundice babies suffer from. The reason that causes this jaundice is the immaturity of the liver. Some babies are born with incomplete body parts, which usually grow in the upcoming weeks. A liver that is not fully formed will not be able to process the bilirubin the best way. This type of jaundice can vanquish in two to four days, but it can take seven to ten days as well.

Jaundice of prematurity: When a baby is out before nine months (let’s say in seven or eight months), then there are a plenty of chances that their liver formation is incomplete. Moreover, the jaundice in such babies has to be treated in a different manner. The treatment of the bilirubin should be done at a lower level than what doctors usually choose for fully grown babies. Doing this will avoid complications, which usually occurs when dealing with the jaundice in the premature babies.

Breastfeeding Jaundice: As we all know that mothers are the only source of nutrition for babies, so when mothers are unable to fulfil the food requirements of their babies, then this can cause breastfeeding jaundice. When mothers are unable to produce a decent volume of milk, then there are a number of problems awaiting the babies. So, what mothers need to do is, eat more food during pregnancy, so that their mammary glands can form more milk. Also, eating healthy and nutritious food is very important because the healthier they eat, the better quality of milk they will be able to give to their little ones. Gynaecologists say that the weight of pregnant women should increase up to 1/4th of their total weight.

What are the most common symptoms of jaundice in new born babies?

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It is a common phenomenon for babies to have jaundice. A baby is not born with the jaundice, but they tend to have it after 2nd or 3rd day. Jaundice starts from the head and then, it moves in all parts of the body. The color of the baby’s skin turns yellow and the babies’ health also start deteriorating. There are various methods to eradicate jaundice. There is a device named ‘bilirubin check’ that parents and doctors can use. When babies are kept under the UV light (blue colored light), then it helps get rid of the bilirubin. So, if you are expecting a baby in the upcoming days, then you have to be aware of all these things in advance in order to avoid any issues later on.


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