Boy name meaning from L

Boy name meaning from L

LaceyLacy, Laci, Lacie, Lacee, Lacea(French)Man from Normandy; as delicate as lace
LachlanLocklan, Locklen, Lachlen, Lachlin, Lachlyn, Locklin, Locklyn, Loklan(Gaelic)From the land of lakes
LachmanLockmann, Lachmann, Lockman, Lokmann, Lakman, Lokman, Lakmann(Gaelic)A man from the lake
LadanLadon, Laden, Ladin, Ladyn, Ladun(Hebrew)One who is alert and aware
LaddLaddi, Laddee, Lad, Laddey, Laddie, Laddy, Laddea, Ladde(English)A servant; a young man
LadislasLaszlo, Lazlo, Lacko, Ladislaus, Laslo, Ladislav, Ladislauv, Ladislao(Slavic)A glorious ruler
LagrandLagrande(American)A majestic man
LaibrookLaibroc, Laebroc, Laebrook, Laybrook, Laybroc, Laibrok, Laebrok, Laybrok(English)One who lives on the road near the brook
LairdLayrd, Laerd, Lairde, Layrde, Laerde(Scottish)The lord of the manor
LakenLakin, Lakyn, Laike, Laiken, Laikin, Lakan, Laikyn, Laeken(American)Man from the lake
LalamLallam, Lalaam, Lallaam(Indian)The best
LamLam(Vietnamese)Having a full understanding
LamanLamaan, Lamann, Lamaann(Arabic)A bright and happy man
LamarLamarr, Lamarre, Lemar, Lemarr(German / French)From the renowned land / of the sea
LambertLambirto, Lambrecht, Lambirt, Landbert, Lambart, Lamberto, Lambret, Lambrett(Scandinavian)The light of the land
LambiLambie, Lamby, Lambey, Lambe, Lambee(Norse)In mythology, the son of Thorbjorn
LamehLameh(Arabic)A shining man
LamorakLamorac, Lamerak, Lamurac, Lamorack, Lamurak, Lamerac, Lamerack, Lamurack(English)In Arthurian legend, the brother of Percival
LanderLandiss, Landor, Land, Landers, Landis, Lande, Landry, Landri(English)One who owns land

LandonLandin, Lando, Landyn, Landan, Landen, Langdon, Langden, Langdan(English)From the long hill
LaneLaine, Lain, Laen, Laene, Layne, Layn(English)One who takes the narrow path
LanghornLanghorne, Lanhorn, Lanhorne(English)Of the long horn
LangileaLangileah, Langilia, Langiliah(Polynesian)Having a booming voice, like thunder
LangstonLangsten, Langstown, Langstin, Langstun, Langton, Langstyn, Langstan, Langtun(English)From the tall man’s town
LangundoLangundo(Native American / Polynesian)A peaceful man / one who is graceful
LangworthLangworthe, Lanworth, Lanworthe(English)One who lives near the long paddock
LanierLanier(French)One who works with wool
LantosLantus(Hungarian)One who plays the lute
LaochailanLaochailan(Scottish)One who is waning
LapidosLapidus, Lapidoth, Lapydos, Lapidot, Lapydot, Lapydoth, Lapydus(Hebrew)One who carries a torch
LaquintonLaquintain, Laquinntan, Laquinnten, Laquinntin, Laquinnton, Laquintan, Laquintyn, Laquintynn(American)Form of Quinton, meaning “from the queen’s town or settlement”
LarLar(Anglo-Saxon)One who teaches others
LarsonLarsan, Larsen, Larsun, Larsin, Larsyn(Scandinavian)The son of Lawrence
LasalleLasall, Lasal, Lasale(French)From the hall
LashaunLashawn, Lasean, Lashon, Lashond(American)An enthusiastic man
LassitLassyt, Lasset(American)One who is open-minded
LathanLathen, Lathun, Lathon, Laten, Lathin, Lathyn, Latan, Latun(American)Form of Nathan, meaning “a gift from God”
LatimerLatimore, Latymer, Latimor, Latymor, Latymore, Lattemore, Lattimore(English)One who serves as an interpreter
LattyLattey, Latti, Lattie, Lattee, Lattea(English)A generous man

LaurianLaurien, Lauriano, Lawrian, Lawrien, Laurieno, Lawriano, Lawrieno(English)One who lives near the laurel trees
LaveLava(Italian)Of the burning rock
LawfordLawforde, Lawferde, Lawfurd, Lawferd, Lawfurde(English)From the ford near the hill
LawlerLawlar, Lollar, Lauler, Lawlor, Loller, Loller, Laular, Laulor(Gaelic)A softspoken man; one who mutters
LawleyLawleigh, Lawly, Lawli, Lawlie, Lawlee, Lawlea, Lawleah(English)From the meadow near the hill
LawrenceLarrance, Larance, Laranz, Larenz, Larrence, Larrens, Larrey, Larry(Latin)Man from Laurentum; crowned with laurel
LazizLazeez, Lazeaz, Laziez, Lazeiz, Lazyz(Arabic)One who is pleasant
LeamanLeeman, Leamon, Leemon, Leamond, Leamand(American)A powerful man
LearLeare, Leer, Leere(Greek)Of the royalty
LeatherLether(American)As tough as hide
LeavittLeavit, Leavytt, Leavyt, Leavett, Leavet(English)A baker
Lebenhope(English)Filled with
LechLeche(Slavic)In mythology, the founder of the Polish people
LedyardLedyarde, Ledyerd, Ledyerde(Teutonic)The protector of the nation
LeeLeigh, Lea, Leah, Ley(English)From the meadow
LeetoLeato, Leito, Lieto(African)One who embarks on a journey
LegendLegende, Legund, Legunde(American)One who is memorable
LeightonLeightun, Layton, Laytun, Leyton, Leytun(English)From the town near the meadow
LekhakLekhan(Hindi)An author
LemaLemah, Lemma, Lemmah(African)One who is cultivated
LemonLimyn, Limon, Lemun, Lemin, Lemyn, Limun, Limin, Limen(American)Resembling the fruit
LenLen(Native American)One who plays the flute
LenchoLenchos, Lenchio, Lenchiyo, Lencheo, Lencheyo(African)Resembling a lion

LennartLennert(Scandinavian)One who is brave
LennorLennor(English)A courageous man
LennoxLenox, Lenoxe, Lennix, Lenix, Lenixe(Scottish)One who owns many elm trees
LensarLenser, Lensor, Lensur(English)One who stays with his parents
LentonLentan, Lenten, Lentin, Lentyn, Lentun, Lent, Lente(American)A pious man
LeoLio, Lyo, Leon(Latin)Having the strength of a lion
LeonardLennard, Len, Lenard, Lenn, Lennart, Lennerd, Lennie, Lenny(German)Having the strength of a lion
LeorLeore(Latin)One who listens well
LeratoLeratio, Lerateo(Latin)The song of my soul
LeronLerun, Leran, Leren, Lerin, Leryn(French / Arabic)The circle / my song
LeroyLeroi, Leeroy, Leeroi, Learoy, Learoi(French)The king
LeviLevie, Levin, Levyn, Levy, Levey, Levee(Hebrew)We are united as one; in the Bible, one of Jacob’s sons
LiLi, Lie, Lio(Chinese)Having great strength
LianLian(Chinese)Of the willow
LiangLyang(Chinese)A good man
LidmannLidman, Lydmann, Lydman(Anglo-Saxon)A man of the sea; a sailor
LifLif(Scandinavian)An energetic man; lively
LihauLihau(Hawaiian)A spirited man
LikeLyke(Asian)A soft-spoken man
LiloLylo, Leelo, Lealo, Leylo, Lielo, Leilo(Hawaiian)One who is generous
LindbergLindee, Lindburgh, Lindbergh, Lindburg, Lindi, Lindie, Lindy, Lindey(German)From the linden-tree hill
LindfordLyndforde, Linford, Lindforde, Linforde, Lyndford, Lynford, Lynforde(English)From the linden-tree ford
LindhurstLyndenhurst, Lindherst, Lyndhirst, Lindhirst, Lyndhurst, Lindenhurst, Lyndherst, Lindenhirst(English)From the village by the linden trees

LindleyLindleah, Lindly, Lindleigh, Lindlea, Lindlee, Lindli, Lindlie, Lyndley(English)From the meadow of linden trees
LindmanLindmann, Lindmon, Lindmonn(English)One who lives near the linden trees
LineLine(English)From the bank
LionLyon, Lions, Lyons(English)Resembling the animal
Lip?tLip?t(Hungarian)A brave young man
LisimbaLisymba, Lysimba, Lysymba(African)One who has been attacked by a lion
Liuquiet; peaceful(Asian)One who is
LlewellynLlewellen, Lewellen, Lewellyn, Llewelyn, Llwewellin, Llew, Llewe, Llyweilun(Welsh)Resembling a lion
LochanLochan(Hindi / Irish)The eyes / one who is lively
LoganLogann, Logyn, Logenn, Loginn, Logen, Login, Logynn(Gaelic)From the little hollow
LolonyoLolonyio, Lolonyeo, Lolonio, Lolonea(African)The beauty of love
LomanLomann, Loeman, Loemann(Gaelic)One who is small and bare
LombardLombardie, Lombardi, Lombardo, Lombardy, Lombardey, Lombardee(Latin)One who has a long beard
LondonLundon, Londen, Lunden(English)From the captial of England
LonzoLonzio, Lonzeo(Spanish)One who is ready for battle
LootahLoota, Loutah, Louta, Lutah, Luta(Native American)Refers to the color red
LorcanLorcon, Lorcen, Lorcin, Lorcyn, Lorcun, Lorkan, Lorken, Lorkin(Irish)The small fierce one
LordLordlee, Lordlea, Lorde, Lordly, Lordley, Lordleigh, Lordli, Lordlie(English)One who has authority and power
LoreLorea(Basque / English)Resembling a flower / form of Lawrence, meaning “man from Laurentum
LorimerLorrimar, Lorymar, Lorrymar, Lorymer, Lorrymer Lorrimer, Lorimar,(Latin)One who makes harnesses
LouisLodewick, Lodovico, Lou, Lew, Lewes, Lewis, Louie, Lucho, Luis(German)A famous warrior

LubaLubah, Luba(Yugoslavian)One who loves and is loved
LucasLuckas, Louckas, Lukas, Loucas, Loukas, Lucus, Lukus, Ghoukas(English)A man from Lucania
LucianLucio, Lucjan, Luciano, Lucianus, Lucien, Lukianos, Lukyan, Luce(Latin)Surrounded by light
LuckyLuckey, Luckee, Luckea, Lucki, Luckie(English)A fortunate man
LudlowLudlowe, Ludlow(English)The ruler of the hill
LukeLuc, Luken(Greek)A man from Lucania
LuntLunte, Lunt(Scandinavian)From the grove
LuthandoLuthando(Latin)One who is dearly loved
LutherLutero, Louthero, Louther, Luter, Luthero, Luthus, Luthas, Luthos(German)A soldier of the people
LuxLuxe, Luxi, Luxie, Luxee, Luxea, Luxy, Luxey(Latin)A man of the light
LyLy, Lye(Vietnamese)A reasonable man
LynnLinn, Lyn, Lynne, Linne(English)A man of the lake

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