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What Type Of Mother And Baby Activities To Choose?

For pregnant women or for new moms, mother and baby activities are very important. Accordingly a mother should always look for the proper centres for baby activity. As it will give them the good opportunity to meet other moms, to get socialized with them and even you can share your experiences. While searching for such […]

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Effect Of Cow’s Milk On Babies

​After a certain period, babies can’t have breastmilk. So, what mothers do is, they introduce cow’s milk at that time because milk is called ‘the complete food’, so parents want their kids to drink milk, regardless of whether it is breastmilk or cow’s milk. Various researches done on the cow’s milk have shown that cow’s […]

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Important Things To Consider For Premature Babies

I don’t think if there is any parent who don’t want his/her baby to be safe and healthy. What I have seen from my personal experience is that parents can go beyond limits to protect their children. It doesn’t matter whether their body permits them or not, but it is their will power to safeguard […]

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Jaundice In Babies: How Common Is It And How Can It Be Treated?

Babies are born with the jaundice and there is nothing new about it, as it is happening this way for a long-long time. There is no need for parents to be bothered about it, but proper care should be taken, so that problem doesn’t get worse. I have seen cases where jaundice in babies gets […]

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Five Ways That Can Determine If Your Baby’s Development Is Normal

Parents have a plenty of questions in their minds, most of them pertinent to the development of their babies. Let us take a look at some of the questions that parents often ask to paediatricians: Does my baby sleep normally? Is the appetite of my baby is normal or is he/she is eating too much? […]

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First Trimester: What Pregnant Women Can Expect?

The feeling of being a mother can’t be expressed in words. One has to experience it in order to determine how it feels to be a mom. A new life inside the belly is a feeling that can cause a great excitement and scare at the same time. In this article, we are going to […]

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A Guide for New Mom’s to Cook Yummy Homemade Food

A Guide for New Mom’s to Cook Yummy Homemade Food If you are a new mom and thinking to cook a healthy and homemade food for your baby and wondering it might be difficult, you are wrong. Cooking a homemade yummy food for your newborn is not at all difficult. It is very economical and […]

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Eight Easy Ways To Make Your Baby Smart

Eight Easy Ways To Make Your Baby Smart Every person has his/her own pace of learning things. The pace is developed from a very small age when he/she is just a little baby. Some babies are smart by birth, while some develop skills as they grow. If you as a parent are concerned whether your […]

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Vital Nutrients That Are Required By New Born Babies!

Vital Nutrients That Are Required By New Born Babies! Nutrition is important for everyone, but for babies, it becomes even more important because babies are vulnerable to a wide number of diseases, which is due to the lack of nutrition. So, parents have to make sure that their babies consume right type of food, which […]

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