Tips To Read Books To Your Baby

Tips To Read Books To Your Baby


You see your baby growing with every passing day, which is a wonderful feeling overall. A growing baby is full of surprises because one day you see him/her crawling on the floors, and the very next, you see your baby trying to stand up on his/her feet. You will also find your baby getting attracted towards books because of the beautiful pictures and glittering colors. Well, reading a book to your baby is not a bad habit indeed, but perhaps, it is a great habit that will help in the mental growth of your baby. You may not be aware of the fact that, babies’ minds undergo a tremendous development during first three years of life. So, whatever they learn and how much they learn in the first three years are going to help them in their lives. Here are some tips on reading a book to your baby every day.

  1. Begin Early: There is no need to wait until your baby turn two or three years old. The earlier you start, the better it is for your baby. Read all the lines loudly and clearly, so that your baby knows what you are trying to say. Though, he/she won’t be able to understand, but the words will be stored in his/her memory. Some kids have a rich vocabulary, which is due to this particular habit. You will also learn some new words, so it’s a win-win situation for both of you.
  2. Selection of books: Since your main motive is to keep your baby busy and interested, but you also want to add some crucial knowledge in his/her mind. Various researches show that babies who were exposed to books early in their lives have a wider vocabulary than those who were just busy playing with the soft toys. Playing is important, but so is reading. A baby has to indulge in all sorts of activities for an all-round growth.
  3. Read books in a routine: Reading books are important, but reading books regularly in a routine is even more important. Most parents read books to their babies just before going to sleep because reading a book results in a much better sleep. Moreover, when someone reads a book before going to sleep, then the story remains in the minds for a long time. But, you can read a book to your baby anytime of the day. But, make sure that you keep the pattern going on a daily basis.
  4. Read dynamically: The last thing that you will want to do is read the book in a monotonous way. You have to be expressive and dynamic while reading a book to your baby. This will help maintain an interest in the book. Where the story gets emotional, then you have to express that emotion in the right tone. You have no idea how much your tone is going to affect the overall reading experience.
  5. Just read the book, no matter what happens: If your baby is over-enthusiastic, even then, you can continue reading him/her a book every day. At first, your baby is not going to love ‘book reading’ venture, but when you keep the routine going every day, then they will get accustomed to the activity and start taking participation in a better way. You have to try different things to enhance the interest of your baby towards reading.

Don’t read the entire book in one go. Read a couple of pages and then, take a break. You can make some snacks for your baby, so that he/she continues to sit with you for a long period. If your baby wants to take a nap in between, then let him/her do that because it is a natural process and you should not disturb it for any reason. There are a wide range of books available in the market for kids, so you can go to a local bookstore and select the books that you want to read to your baby. Pick different niches of books in order to keep things interested for your baby. You can also buy eBooks and read it on the tablet. It is up to you how you want to go about this entire venture.

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