Top Eight Tips For Parents Who Want To Travel With A New Born Baby

Top Eight Tips For Parents Who Want To Travel With A New Born Baby


Many parents don’t prefer to travel with kids, especially when they are newly born. Travelling with kids is not everybody’s cup of tea, as many parents don’t know how to manage children. It doesn’t matter if the child is just a few days old or about to go to the Kinder Garten, managing children require a lot of patience and will power. Traveling with a newly born can be quite hectic because he/she doesn’t know how to behave outside. He/she is going to do whatever he/she feels right. I personally believe that traveling with an infant who is just a few days old is not that difficult, if the parent/guardian follows certain tips. There are certain things that need to be taken care of as the first priority. In this article, we are going to discuss all such details that would help people travel easily with their newly born toddlers:

  1. If parents have to travel by air with their infant, then they must keep in mind that their child is at least four weeks old. Though, it is possible to take a 2-3 weeks old infant on an airplane, but most paediatricians would recommend that children should not travel in a plane for at least a month. The reason being the quick transition of the air pressure, which may harm infants. Moreover, there are all kinds of germs that are present in the airplanes.
  2. Travelling with kids will make you forget a lot of things, so you have to make sure that you’ve booked the ticket in advance. If you have done this particular thing right, then it will help make the travelling process calm and peaceful. Moreover, you will be able to make any last minute adjustment(s) as well.
  3. Travelling with a new born child is hectic because you have to carry a bag along with the baby itself. So, I would recommend that you should take the front seat, as it is more comfortable due to an extended leg room. Sitting in the backseat will be a bit uncomfortable for you, so avoid sitting there.
  4. The growth of babies is largely dependent on how much sleep they get. So, you have to make sure that the time of the flight doesn’t clash with the sleeping routine of the baby. If the sleep is disrupted, then you will have a fussy baby in your arms, which will make your head spin.
  5. You can contact the authorities of the airlines you’re travelling from to get all the information about the facilities that they are giving for the babies. They must be having something for the babies for sure, so don’t forget to ask. More facilities for the babies means more comfort for you in the journey.
  6. While packing the bag(s), always keep baby’s products first because if you forget anything, then it will be you and only you who will face all the inconvenience. So, put all the items like baby food, baby wipes, bibs, diapers, extra clothes, blankets and toys. Don’t add any unnecessary items because it will make things difficult for you.
  7. Children spill more than they eat, so you have to keep an extra layer of clothes in your bag to change the dress of the child quickly.
  8. The air pressure is felt at the time of take-off or landing, so what you can do at that time is, you can put a bottle in his/her mouth, which he/she will suck. This will not let the air to damage his/her ears. Breastfeeding is another way to avoid the damage caused by air pressure.

These are the eight tips that you can follow to travel safely and joyfully with your infant. If you have some more ideas, then you can follow those as well. The main motive is to avoid the hassle that is caused when things are not rightly done before and during travelling. The above mentioned tips will help you manage your child in a better way. I would also suggest that you must not get confused when things don’t go as per your plans. Keep calm and try to find the solution.

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