Tricks For Selecting A Baby Name

Tricks For Selecting A Baby Name


As we are heading towards modern era, some parents pick their baby’s name before they have conceived their child. Choosing a perfect name for their child that will go for the rest of their life is a big and challenging decision as it will be an introduction of your child to the type of person he or she is. There are many points that should be in consideration while choosing the name but most importantly is that you should love the name.

In today’s time we have many websites available that could suggest a good name for your baby, but people always seek for suggestions from parents, grandparents, friends, family and siblings. It’s a time consuming task as emotions are attached to the name. It has been seen that people spend many hours on trying to pin down the perfect baby name, but eventually end up with the few names that they like the most.

Now the question arises, how you can choose a perfect name for your baby. So, hereby I have come up with a few tips that will help you to choose a name for your loved one.

  1. Start talking about the names you like: Once you have started searching for the name, start it discussing with your partner, family and friends. It could be a fun conversation, but you will get an idea about what types of names are in trend and accordingly you can generate ideas about what you want. By discussing the names with the family/friends/ or your partner, you may get multiple names for your baby though ultimate decision is of parents but keep your mind open for all the suggestions.
  2. Prepare a list – After getting ideas from people around you, prepare a list of names that you have liked so far. Sometimes you might not like a particular name; but you can add it into the list, as choices changes by the time.
  3. Select a baby name for each sex (boy/girl) – After receiving the good news that you had conceived a baby, you can start searching for the names. Though till delivery you won’t know the gender of the baby, but you can choose a name for both boy and girl.
  4. Think about family names – New generation thinks family names are too boring or out of style, but you can give a look at your family names might be you can get a good name for your new born baby.
  5. Choose a popular name for your baby – While you are searching for a popular name for your baby, it could be a good fun. It can also mean that your baby will be one of many in his/her classes. What is popular today might not be tomorrow, but you can consider this fact while selecting a baby name.
  6. Name with a perfect meaning – To make your search more deep and relevant you can go for an understanding of the meaning of the name you have liked. There are many websites available online that can give you the meaning of your favorite names, also there are many tests available online that can help you find the best name for your baby by choosing the words that according to you are important for you.
  7. Choose a name with the ethnicity/ religion/origination – If you have begun with the search of the name, the common method for choosing a baby name is using the origin or ethnicity of the name. This can give your baby an immediate source of identity and a fair idea of the culture and origination of the family’s heritage. The problem here arises is the names are from different generations and may be not in the trend, in this case a perfect solution is you can go for middle names.
  8. Full name of the baby should sound better together – Choose a name that sounds better or goes in a good flow with your surname.
  9. Go for casual nicknames – After choosing a perfect name for your new born, now it’s time to think of his nickname also. Try to be casual in the selection of nicknames as when your child goes to school, he might join any sports group he will definitely be given a certain nickname by his friends or classmates. May be you won’t like the name, so before facing such a situation choose a casual nickname for your child.

Several more tricks for parents for choosing a baby name are:

  1. If one of you have chosen first name, ask your partner to get an interesting middle name or a nickname.
  2. You both can choose a name that you like and go with the baby names that make you both happy.

Now, for the parents that have yet to decide a name for their baby they can go through the above mentioned ways and tricks that will help them in choosing the perfect name for their baby. Sometimes people don’t like discussing the names or anything about their baby in that case you can keep your name secret or can share it with selected people.

Choosing a baby name has never been an easy task for any parents, but we are pretty sure if you follow the above discussed points and go thoroughly with the search you may end up having a beautiful, meaningful and perfect name for your baby.


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