What Different Baby Cries Mean?

If your baby is crying continuously, then it should be taken seriously because a baby can only communicate in the form of crying. Though sometimes, it becomes difficult to judge the reason behind the crying. If you are unable to find out the actual reason behind your baby crying, then this article will help you know about that aspect in a better way.

With every passing day, you and your baby starts knowing each other better, and you will get the better understanding of your baby’s needs. It is important to understand and react promptly to the cries of your baby. By doing this, your baby can learn how to communicate, how to make you aware about the need, how to make their need recognized, and finally, how to get a need satisfied and feel better again.

Here are some of the reasons of why your baby is crying:

  1. Hungry or Thirsty:

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This is among the most common reasons of baby crying, if your baby is starving or thirsty, then he/she will cry. As for a baby it becomes difficult to be familiar with the feelings of being hungry and thirsty, all they know is about the discomfort. If your baby has been sleeping for quite a long, then he/she will definitely be hungry and if he/she wakes up after a short sleep, then he might be thirsty. Notice the baby’s cry if he/she cries loud, then your child is hungry and will be soothed once he/she takes the milk.

  1. Tiredness:

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It doesn’t mean your baby is tired he will always fall asleep. As for a baby sometimes it can be difficult to find the required peace for a sleep, then your baby will feel unrest and react with a cry and general dissatisfaction. During a day a baby gets a lot of encouragement and thus, required rest to digest all the imitations of the day. Consequently, the baby will avoid any eye contact or might reject any physical contact by turning his/her head away. If you notice that your baby is rubbing his/her eyes, yawning or grumpiness, then it means the baby is tired. But if you didn’t find any kind of these symptoms, then your baby will cry louder in case he/she is tired. In this situation, the best thing you as a parent can do is to help your baby find the rest and support him/her to fall asleep.

  1. Need for body contact:

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If your baby feels lonely and reckless, then your baby will cry. At that time your baby needs to be carried and cuddled. As when baby is in the womb, he/she becomes used to the breath and voice of the mother, so the baby feels more comfortable when their mother is around at the time of their sleep. A baby then has a body contact will not cry loud and will stop crying once you take him/her in your arms.

  1. Need for a clean diaper:

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When your baby is sleeping make sure you put them a clean and dry diaper because some babies reacts to the wet diaper. Not every baby is the same as some baby’s don’t like to be undressed and naked so will cry loudly. Other babies like being naked and enjoy it. Likewise, if your baby doesn’t like to be naked, then cover him/her with a towel or blanket while you are changing his/her diaper. This will give them a comfort.

  1. Boredom:

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If your baby is done with a sleep, feed and clean up, then boredom could be a reason of your baby’s crying because babies are more active and always wants to indulge themselves in some or the other activity. Few babies like if you talk to them, play with them or sing a song as they love to study your face and the movement of your mouth while you are talking or singing.

  1. Pain:

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Last but not the least, a baby will cry out of pain. A baby suffers from different kinds of pain, but the most common is stomach-ache, headache or earache. A baby will scream loud if he/she is in pain. If your baby is in pain, then you should always consult a doctor or a physician. Don’t go for the homemade solutions in case of pain.

The above-mentioned are the major reasons for the baby’s cry, if you take these things seriously, then there won’t be any issue and you can enjoy with your baby.

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