Why Baby Swing Doesn’t Swing And How To Fix That Error?

Why Baby Swing Doesn’t Swing And How To Fix That Error?

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Nowadays, parents can find a plethora of products for their babies in the market. Parents will also see a wide range of baby furniture, which was not present a few decades ago. The main motive behind buying baby furniture is, keeping a fussy child calm and busy. Babies are cut and adorable when they are in a good mood or sleeping, but when they start crying, then a certain thought just goes through the mind, i.e., ‘why in the first place did I say yes to having a baby’? So, to avoid such thoughts, you need to get your baby a baby swing. This will keep him/her in a good mood and saves you from cuddling him/her as well. You can do other important things while your baby tries to find out how that baby swing thing works. But, it is important to keep an eye on the swing, as your baby call accidently fall off the swing and get injured.

The common problem with baby swings!

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Many parents have opted for baby swings in the last few years, which shows how useful this product is. But, there is a certain issue that the majority of the parents has come across in baby swings, i.e., a dead motor. One day, the baby swing is working fine and baby seems to have a great fun taking swings on it, but the very next, the machine doesn’t start! This is the problem that has become quite prevalent lately. If you are facing such an issue, then you can spend $50-100 in buying a new motor.

You can get the issue fixed by taking the help of an electrical expert. If you plan on doing it all by your own, then you need to unscrew a lot of screws, so accumulate different types of screwdrivers such as, Philips medium & small screwdriver and flathead screwdriver. Also, keep in mind the position of the screws, as there are so many of them. Pay extra attention when working close to thin wires because if you damage any wire, the baby swing won’t rock then. If you are not interested in spending money to get the baby swing fixed, then you can use a highly economical method to fix the error, which is mentioned below:

Make use of an air freshener! What….Really?

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You are thinking how an air freshener going to help rectify the error. But, if you use an air freshener in your house, then you don’t have to spend $50-100 because you can easily replace the motor in the baby swing with the motor that is installed in the air freshener. The most popular air freshener is ‘Air wick freshener’, so you just need this item and some tools to resolve the issue. Apart from Air wick freshener, you require a few screwdrivers, a soldering gun, a solder, strippers and electrical tape.

  1. You have to open the air freshener and take out the motor using different screw drivers.
  2. Then, unclip the power cord that goes to the motor to detach it.
  3. Now, you have to snip the plastic clip and this concludes the process. Now, you have to replace the dead motor of the baby swing with this working motor.
  4. The role of the soldering iron and solder will come to play when you want to change the wire of the working motor with the exact same wires that are connected to the faulty motor. This will not take more than five minutes, as there are just a couple of wires to solder.
  5. Don’t use your force to pull the wires of the working motor. Just cut it from the end because then, you’ll be able to use them again.
  6. You have to keep the screws of each section separately. You can use a small transparent bag and label it. This will help you assemble the baby swing in a better way.

If you will follow the instructions in the right order, then it won’t be much difficult for you to replace the faulty motor with the working one. You have to resolve the issue as early as possible or else, your baby is going to make your life difficult again!

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